Monday, November 16, 2009

Life is Busy

I have quilted 14 customer quilts this past week, this is the most I have quilted in any week since I started my business. I don't know how I was able to manage to get it all done, but by the grace of God I was able to do it.
So now except for customer pick up/drop off appointments I am pretty much on vacation, from quilting for the next 2 weeks to get my house clean for Thanksgiving (we weren't planning on hosting it but the extended family is a bit fragmented these days so we were the only option).

Here's a little background...I was born in Indiana then moved to Illinois in my teens. Chris (my husband) was born in Illinois then moved to Arizona to go to ASU before moving back to Illinois (which is where we met). Long story short about 15 years ago my MIL/FIL and some SILs & BILs moved to Arizona and we followed 13 years ago. Most of my family are still in the midwest with the exception of my mom who is in Florida. So all holidays are spent with my inlaws, we have always hosted Christmas Eve (a big holiday with lots of tradition on my side of the family that I wanted to past down to my kids) since we moved to Arizona. Thanksgiving was always hosted by my MIL until my FIL passed away 2 years ago (the first year she was in morning and couldn't do it, then this year can't do it because she down sized homes and her kitchen is in no shape to host a big family gathering). Last year Chris' younger sister & husband hosted it and it was assumed that they would host it this year, but plans changed. Then there is Chris' brother who use to host Easter most years (I say most years because if his kids were making First Conmunion or Confirmation then they didn't want to do Easter). Well 2 years ago the brother and the sister inlaw divorced, and brother down sized homes so he no longer host any holidays. Chris has 2 other lives out of state and the other is married to a guy that is not allowed at family events (another long story). So here we are the only stable, local family within the extended family. I fear that from now on we will end up having to host ALL major holidays, something that I didn't think would happen for another 8-10 years when we no longer celebrated the holidays with the extended family due to the nieces/nephews being grown and with families of their own & doing their own thing.  

Hosting Holidays are not cheap especially when you host 20-30 people. You are probably asking why not just have everyone bring stuff to keep the cost down...did I mention that most of the in-laws either don't cook, or they live a distance away so they couldn't bring anything that would be beneficial for the dinner. 

Ok, so this is all you will hear me complain about this. I don't want it to ruin my Holidays and it only will if I let it.

So can you believe the holidays are here? It seems that it was just yesterday when the kids went back to school. Where has the time gone? Oh ya, that's right it was spent quilting! ;0)

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