Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt...A Work In Progress

I started a GFG quilt back in the spring while I was recouperating from my surgery. It was truely scrappy and it was going as well as could be expected. You see I was using the mylar 1" hexagon templates along with the diamonds and triangle pieces as well to go in the pathways of the quilt (I love those GFG quilts) but soon found out that those little 1" triangles and diamonds were a big pain in my a** and was going to cause me some problems later when I wanted to add a white border so I could add some applique to the quilt. Anyways to make things worst I wanted to leave the hexagons in the quilt until it was all finished (I am making a king size quilt) but the mylar pieces were not cheap and was getting kind of costly. :0( Plus I decided I wanted more of a controlled scrappy quilt.  So what would any quilter with a creative impulse do? Yup that's right I started over!

Thanks to a fellow quilter/longarmer on the APQS chat who posted a link to a website that allowed you to create hexagons of any size then print a sheet of them off on your own printer using card stock! Yea!!! Bought some new fabrics (moda's "Oh Cherry Oh") and I was set. Here's some pics of my progress so far. 
This is what I start with, card stock hexagons with holes punched in them for easy removal later, embrodery scissors, Superior "Masterpiece" thread, acrylic hexagon template with seam allowance, cut fabric hexagons, and various stages of a GFG flower on progress.

These are the 5 color combinations I decided to go with. They will also have a round of white Kona Cotton hexagons on each of them and then they will be connected with off white hexagons as the pathways. I decided I wanted to go with a "stone" pathway instead of a traditional "green grass" pathway. 
And then this is how much I have already done. I have a ways to go in order to make it big enough for a king size bed, lol! I want to get all of the flowers done first before I start adding on the white hexagons or even the stone pathways to connect them together. The nice thing about the card stock hexagons is that I can print out as much of them as I want, and I am able to use a steam iron on them with out fear of melting the mylar! This is just one of my many UFO projects that I have started...I have alot of projects in various stages, maybe I will share them with all of you by posting pics of them here over the next month or so.

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