Monday, November 23, 2009

Cleaning, To Clean or Not To Clean...That is the Question!

This week I have no appointments or customer quilts to do, I am officially on vacation, if you can call it that since I am going to be deep cleaning my house. I have to get the house in order to host Thanksgiving. My allergies are also acting up (I have household allergies tied to dust, dog hair etc..) so cleaning is making my eyes itchy/watery and a dry scratchy throat. 

Any ways cleaning a house that have 5 kids and a DH in it, is not an easy thing. Because as soon as you get the kitchen clean someone goes in there and bakes cookies and makes a mess. As soon as you clean a bathroom, someone goes in there and takes a shower and leaves dirty clothes, wet towels all over the floor. Just when you think you did your last load of laundry, someone empties out their duffel bag of dirty clothes and the cycle starts all over again! 

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, all the people comming to "make a mess" and be merry at the Holiday...I ask this, what's the point in cleaning before the Holidays? shouldn't we save ourselves all the hassel and stress and wait until AFTER the holidays to clean, this way we only have to do it once :0)    

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