Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

1 week of pre/deep-cleaning the house, followed by 6 plus hours of cooking, then stuffing your face with high fat, sugary tasty foods, lots of visiting with relatives then as quickly as it's over.

This past week week I got the coolest new cleaning tool it's the Shark hand held steam pocket cleaning system. I was able to do more cleaning in half the time using just steam! I washed the walls along my stair case, knew that the kids dirty hands over the months had made the wall dirty but did not know just how dirty until I started using the steam pocket to clean, almost imediately the dirt just melted away and the wall looked like it was freshly painted. I was hooked on this new tool...I was able to steam clean my kitchen chairs with out having to scrub them, my stove top was sparkling with little effort...who would have thought cleaning could be so easy! About 6 months ago I bought a stam mop to do my tile floors and love the job that did so when I saw the portablehand held version of it I had to get it...definately one of the best purchases that I have made this year. Now if I can just find a vacuum cleaner that I like I will be good to go!

So getting back to Thanksgiving...we hosted it, all went well, food was great and after all the relatives had left my kids started itching to put the Christmas tree up. The kids put the tree together and while I am typing this Chris is untangling the lights for the tree. It's amazing how one holiday can easily start/mesh into the next. Actually, time is really tight over the next month ( I have to do 22 quilts in 3 weeks)  so basically if the Christmas decorations didn't get put up this weekend chances of them getting put up at all  would be pretty slim.

This pass year has been pretty rough on us financially, Chris had to take a mandatory cut in pay which took its toll on us, so Gecko Quilts has really been a life savor to help bridge the gap in our finances this year but it came at a price, since I had to do more quilts this year than in the past to make ends meet, I have had less time to do the special things around the holidays that I normally like to Chris asked me why don't you just take off the last part of November -the end off the year. It started me to think, why don't I do that? I mean it's my company, and the best part of running your own company YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN RULES/ HOURS! So starting in 2010 after 5 years in business I am going to start a new customer quilts or appointments from the week before Thanksgiving-the end of the year. This seems like it will be the best thing for me, so I will be able to do all the things that I love to do that make the holidays special for me and my family. Like baking all those cookies for the cookie trays that we give to family, friends, schools and the pierogies that I make from scratch each year with my daughters (it's tradition and this year I may not be able to have time...Saturday after Thanksgiving is usually when we make them but this year Chris volunteered me to teach our neighborhood friends how to make them, last year they all wanted several dozen of them and we barely had enough left for our own this year Chris figured it would be better to teach them to make their own than to have to make them some every year. 

I will try to post pics of the pierogie saturday.    

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