Saturday, June 25, 2016


We are now in Texas, and this is our Texas house! More pics will be coming in the future as I get my new quilt studio the way I like it. Let me say this....moving a quilter to another state is not an easy thing to do. My fabric stash, sewing machines, long arm and all things quilty (books, rulers, notions etc..) took up 1/2 of the largest U-haul truck that you can rent (I think it was either 16 or 18ft truck). I have always sewn, took a home-EC class in high school but didn't start quilting until around 2004, and that's when I started accumulating all my stuff including the stash. Big eye opener on just how much stuff can pile up over a decade or so! Needless to say I am inspired to use and sew from my stash for awhile to get it down so when we make the move back to AZ (when DH retires) it will be 1/4 of the truck or less, lol! 

My blog will be a reflection of a semi-retired quilter, meaning that even though I am no longer quilting for the public, I will be sharing more of my own stuff plus more family things going forward. 

Shortly after we arrived in TX I received a call from my oldest brother in regards to my dad, he is 79 and was having medical issues but refusing to go to the doctors to get things checked out. Then one day my brother was visiting my dad and my dad fell and couldn't get up. My brother called the paramedics and they went to the hospital....after being admitted and many test that were run it was determined that my dad had suffered a minor stroke, had a broken rib and has lots of blood clots in his legs and lungs. He was put on blood thinners for the clots, cancer was ruled out from the many test he had and after 2 weeks of being in the hospital has been cleared and moved to the rehab floor of the hospital so he can get stronger and be able to do more things on his own. When he is able to do more, my brothers, dad and I will be re-evaluate his living arrangements, whether it will be in his best interest to move back to his own place or somewhere else that will be closer to my oldest brother so he could check in on him daily and be able to drive my dad around to do his errands (dad won't be able to drive for awhile because of him having the stroke). 

Just wanted to pop in here to update everyone since I haven't posted in awhile. More to come soon.... 

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