Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The New Website...

is finally working!
I still have to add to the pages but if you go to www.geckoquilts.com you can see what it is starting to look like!

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  1. Oh, no!! I just found you through Bonnie's blog. Your sewing rooms are amazing and I would love to have something similar on a smaller scale. However, I read some of your older blogs and I have about 60 quilts and projects in various stages of disorder. Retired on Nov 7th and am trying to get organized, didn't know how much you really had to do after 50+ years of working (the last 29 here in the valley for the same company).

    Are you keeping your blog and the New Website?? I will follow wherever you decide to go.. Congratulations and Good Luck on the Grand Re-Opening.