Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Current Projects and Some

I have been quilting for about 10 years now. I have made a lot of quilts over the years, some I kept, some were for my kids, some were donated to charity and some were gifted to family and friends. I love to quilt and I love to look at other people's quilts to get inspiration for my own future quilts. I have several quilt projects started in various stages, but until today I wasn't aware of just how many I had. When I say started I mean projects that have the fabric & pattern bought but not cut into, have started piecing some of the blocks, or finished piecing the tops waiting to be quilted, and ones that have been quilted but still need the binding put on. So I decided to take inventory of how many projects that I actually have in studio waiting on my back burner.....
This one is the center of my Niece's memory quilt waiting on the pieced borders.

This is where my calendar mini quilts stopped (In my office, March is still being displayed)
These are 3 1/2" wild & goosey blocks, I have a stack of 10 done and they are being worked on when I get bored with the project I currently am working on in that moment.

This is a partial layout of my split 9 patch quilt that was my leader and ender project this past year.

 These are mini hourglass blocks I am working on...when finished it will be a sewing machine cover for my Bernina.

 These units are for the pieced border of the above memory quilt, I need to have 110 of each kind, so far I have about 80 each.

 These are projects that have been pulled out in hopes of me seeing them and getting them done (they have been sitting there for the past year with no progress).

 This is my Celtic Solstice Jr. quilt waiting to be finished before the next Bonnie Hunter mystery gets released at the end of November.

OK, this is only a SMALL amount of my projects...I can't take pics of all of them because there are too many. Are you ready for the official amount of projects that I have waiting to be finished? After pulling things out of tubs and corners of my studio the official number is.......79! 

In order to get a handle on this growing UFO project lists I made a computer file with them all on it and what still needs to be done to them to have them finished. Also any new projects that I want to do will also get added to it with the ceiling of the list being no more than 80 projects at any given time, before anymore get added to it. Some of these projects are closer to being finished than others. But I would like to whittle this list down to a more manageable size in the future. Maybe to no more than 10 projects going at a time, this would give me a variety between, hand pieced, machine pieced, embroidery, applique, quilting them and binding them.  Who knows how long it will take me to get to that point.

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