Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My List?

Every New Year it's always the same, quilters all over the world make their lists of UFO's that they plan on finishing for the year. They always have good intentions when they make them, promising themselves that this year will be different then the previous years. Just like any other (OK, most) resolutions they all start out with full steam but then after a month or two the steam starts to fizzle out.
I talk from experience, this has happen to me most years. So when people started coming out on the blogs with their UFO lists or what seems to be very popular right now their "WORD" for the year. I am just shaking my head thinking skeptical thoughts, lol. That doesn't mean that I don't have hopes of getting things done this year off my list (yes I do have a spreadsheet of projects that I would like to finish...I wouldn't be a quilter if I didn't ;0) ). But I am not going to declare that I plan on getting "X" projects done this year or that my word for the year is "?" But I do have some progress of things that I can share.

OK besides that I would like to have the binding on this one before Halloween 2014, what I would like more is to be able to locate the missing bonus triangles I got from making this quilt. I placed them in a Ziploc freezer bag, stashed them somewhere and now for the life of me can't find them :0(   
Need to turn this house upside down (maybe this summer) to try and locate them.

I have added 2 of the 4 borders that will go onto Ralph & Jess' Celtic Solstice quilt. Since I originally planned on making the king size of this quilt  but ended up only using some of the units to make it a queen size instead. I was trying to figure out what to do with the left over units. Well I figure if I just make a few more units here and there I will have enough to make the 75" X 75" version of this quilt to keep for myself. :0) I love bonus quilts!

This is block #7 of Hocuspocusville, done. Even though I don't post much lately on this progress there is some being made.

Here is block #8 started. Will it get done this year? Who knows but as long as I keep going back to it, someday the quilt will be finished.
 Here is my Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt. I had high hopes of getting this one done last year and it would have been done if it weren't for the fact that I took bits of it apart several times because I wasn't happy with it. Now it has a better chance of getting done this year. I just need to add a few white hexie borders around the quilt to get it to the size I need. Yes it would be easier if I just appliqued the top to a non- hexie border. But I already have the hexies cut. LOL  
When I am not working on a customer quilt, I try to get some time in either piecing a top on my sewing machine or quilting one of my own tops that have been hanging around. And then at night I usually work on my hand work the Hocuspocusville quilt, the hexie quilt or maybe something new I want to learn (been wanting to teach myself hand applique)...this maybe the year.   
Oh and this project has been nagging at me to get done for the past year or so. After I made my applique Gecko wall quilt for my office, I wanted to add fabric covered wood letters above my window in the office to go with it. Well this week I finally took the plunged and cut the letters out of the fabric and modge podged them onto the letters "Gecko" for Gecko Quilts, just in case I forget where I am, lol Anyways as soon as that drys I will sand down the edges and add another coat of modge podge. Then up on the wall they go.

Even though I am not officially declaring "X" amount of projects to be finished this year I do hope to get a few more crossed off my list. As for my word for the year it is "Perseverance".

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