Monday, December 23, 2013

Celtic Sostice Update 4

First off I need to apologize to Bonnie for messing up my "link up" last week...not 1 time but 3 times! Yes, I was so busy with the holiday crunch that I linked to the main blog page instead of the actual post each of the 3 the time I was able to get caught up on my e-mails for the week on Friday morning and realized that I kept linking to the wrong thing and not making sure the link had HTML at the end of it...well it was too late to re post the correct link to the link up for clue 3.
New week, new clue, a new chance to get it right ;0)

 So here's a recap of the mystery so far, clue 1 & 2 done.

 Clue 3 was cut...

  started and got to this point when link up disaster happened.

I did however managed to finish clue 3 before clue 4 was released on Friday.

 As for clue 4, the simple 4 patches, well this is as far as I got. I know pretty bad, huh.

 In my defense it has been a pretty busy week over here hence the holiday crunch/fog. Early in the week we had Christmas Carolers come by.

 Then the holiday baking was in full force....

The freezer was filling up to keep them fresh for Christmas Eve.

 Centerpieces still needed to assemble...

and wrapping needed to be finished.

 Not to mentioned that there is always a mountain of laundry needing to be done.

But the biggest distraction this past week was this...I stumbled across an awesome find on Craig's List.
The day after Thanksgiving my 1947 featherweight was delivered (an early Christmas Present from DH). I was having so much fun with the featherweight that when I came across this 1917 singer 66 Red Eye treadle in cabinet (which was in great shape and well taken care of) I decided to snatch it up with the Christmas money my Dad sent me this year. It needs a new treadle belt, bobbin wheel tire, and a spool spindle (all which have been ordered and will be here by Friday).   
 Bonnie was right once you buy your first vintage is not long before you want another one. And speaking of Bonnie here is the link to take you back to the link up party for clue 4.
Merry Christmas!!!

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