Monday, December 9, 2013

Celtic Solstice Clue 2 Update

Week 2 started of Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt with the release of clue 2 on Friday.
Good thing I finished all of clue 1 the week before.
Friday I started cutting for clue 2

 We are putting together 3 1/2" (3" finished) chevron units, using the colors above.

After prepping my 2" sqs. with a line drawn diagonally (I need the line as a guide for a straight seam), I divided my pieces into 2 groups half for the left side of the chevron and then the other half for the right side of the chevrons. why go through all this trouble you might be thinking- well since I am using fat quarters I want to make sure I get some of every fabric for both sides of the chevron units. This way there will be more of a random quality to the finished quilt.

I settled in for some sewing here and there over the was a pretty busy weekend. We had company over for dinner on Saturday night and I was cleaning and doing some more Christmas decorating Saturday during the day. But when I found time to get some sewing in this is what my set up looked like. My 1947 featherweight by my computer so I could watch the archived Bonnie Hunter Quilt Cam videos to keep me motivated. 

I drew myself a little diagram of what pieces went where and which direction to press the seams towards depending on if I was sewing the left or the right of the chevron units.  

I was only able to get 15 complete Chevron units done this weekend. Still need 229 more complete chevron units in order to be finished with clue 2. I don't know if I will complete this clue before the 3rd one comes out on Friday because I have a lot of things going on in the kitchen this week.   
This is what my kitchen looked like on Sunday after making the annual pierogies for Christmas Eve (a must have Polish side dish at all holidays). And the kitchen will be pretty much like this all week as I bake Christmas cookies (lots and lots of Christmas cookies) so DH can take some to work on Thursday, his last day before Christmas vacation. I will post updates to my progress later in the week. But until then go here to view the progress of others at Bonnie's linky party Monday.       

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