Saturday, June 29, 2013

Projects That Turn Into UFO's

Every quilter has them, forgets about them, and then discards then one way or another. I am no different ;0)
As I was tidying up my quilt studio (rearranging the yardage stash into a more user friendly system that will be easier to use with my scrap user system...basically it all got divided by the 12 colors I keep). Anyways as I was digging around in the stash I couldn't help but notice all the UFO's I had scattered around the could I in good concise start another new project without finishing the ones I already have going in various stages of development. So I took inventory of what UFO's I had and it turns out that I have "26" projects started...yikes!!!! After I recovered from the shock of the amount of UFO's that piled up I decided to make a doable schedule to get these finished once and for I can move onto new projects I have been longing to do. I will be very busy over the next 18 months adding borders, finishing blocks, piecing centers of quilts and yes even getting them quilted in order to consider them FINISHED once and for all. 
My first month is a success! I wanted to get 2 projects done.
This is the "professional tote" I promised my eldest daughter 3 years ago. She has been gently reminding me that it wasn't finished ever since. This is the front... 
The back...

The side...

and of course the inside. When I pulled it out; it was all cut out, fussed to the interfacings, and the outside fronts & backs were done. Once I started to work on it took me 1 1/2 days to finish it. Now my eldest is happy and is looking for something else for me to make her.

Remember this? It's been laying around my quilt studio for about 2 years now and as friends and customers came to drop off quilts they asked if I would do a tutorial...well I'm not going to do a tutorial of step by step pics but I will post the instructions on how I did this baby quilt in the "Tutorials" link of this blog.  

I quilted it with a pattern called spring garland.
 Now onto July's UFO's.......stay tuned :0)

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