Monday, May 13, 2013


I'm sure I am not the first person out there that needed some major help with organizing the many bobbins I have lying around.
Like most I started using these plastic bobbin cases found at any fabric store. I was not happy with them the lids always cracked and it was a tangled mess.

So then when these came out a few years back I was thrilled because they "claimed" they were the answer to the thread tails. But as you can see they were a BIG disappointment not to mention that the stacks of rings kept falling apart and the bobbin grips stretched out pretty fast. Also like most long- armers I have a lot of thread colors that are very close to other thread colors...making finding the right half filled bobbin nearly impossible to find.

Then I came across these bobbin racks. They can sit on top of a flat surface or you can hang them on the wall. Each spindle can hold up to 3 bobbins (if you have multiple bobbins per thread color).

Also what made me like these over all the other bobbin storage ideas out there to date was that there is room to "label" the color number of the thread below the spindle. Perfect for my superior threads that I use in my business.

Hear are 4 side by side on top of my dressers that hold my thread, all labeled and easy to find without having to guess at the thread color. Of course there is still the matter of thread tails but I am thinking of several ideas that I might try for that. I might use some clear flexible tubing cut to size to warp the bobbin while on the spindle or use the dollar store small hair terry bands/elastics to contain the thread tails. Either of these I think will work and finally my bobbins will be organized in such a way that works for me.

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