Wednesday, March 27, 2013

This One's Mine!

I haven't blogged for a long time, sorry about that. I have been working on "balancing" my life. Which means... I cut back on how many customer quilts I do in a month, I also have cut back the amount of time I am on the internet each day. You would be surprised at how many hours can be lost on surfing the net in a day ;0)
Anyways  I had no customer quilts scheduled for this week so I have been doing some cleaning (not spring cleaning though...didn't want to waste my whole week on doing chores), some cooking (makes the family happy when I actually put thought in a meal instead of throwing something together last minute, lol), and I finally got my Desert Nine Patch King size quilt pieced together and loaded on my machine!!!! Here's a peek.....

I am so excited! I started this quilt for my bed 2 1/2 years ago when we were building our house. The plan is to get it quilted and the binding machine sewed to the front of the quilt this week and then in the evenings hand stitch the binding to the back of the quilt. I am also making some progress on my Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt and my Hocuspocusville Quilt. Hopefully these as well as some other quilts in need of either piecing finished on them or quilts of mine that have been collecting dust waiting for me to load them up on the machine to quilt them will also get done this year. Pictures will follow as they are finished....wish me luck! 

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