Thursday, January 12, 2012

Scrappy Hearts

I have had alot of questions asked about this quilt that is on my home page of my website. No it's not one of my quilts, it belongs to one of my customers and I quilted it last year for her. It is not a difficult quilt to make even though it looks like it. However there was alot of pieces to it. Each block was 14" sq finished and the whole quilt was constructed from 2 1/2" squares and 2 1/2" half sq triangles.
To make one of these Scrappy Heart blocks you would need 28 (2 1/2") neutrual squares, 17 (2 1/2") squares in a variety of bright fabrics (I used pinks, corals, reds, and purples) for mine, and 4 (1/2) square triangle units that are 1/2 neutrual and 1/2 bright fabrics.

Use your favorite method for constructing 1/2 sq triangle units...just make sure that they are 2 1/2" when squared up. 

I like to use the easy angle ruler to do mine...there is no waste and they don't need to be trimmed to size.
Arrange the squares and half sq triangles like above, in 7 rows of 7.


Sew first together in rows...

Then sew the rows together to form a 14 1/2" unfinished block.
To make a quilt like the one on my website then you need to make more scrappy heart blocks and place them on-point (no need for sashing because the block provides its own) then for the scrappy setting triangles and corners just make a scrappy block with all brights and cut in half (for the sides) and into quarters (for the corners). Add borders if you want. The more blocks you make the larger the quilt will be.

I was going to post this closer to valentines day but decided that if I posted it earlier then it would give you something to work on for a Valentines Day project. :0)

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