Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Twas the Week Before Christmas...

and all through the house, I've been scrubbing and cleaning this big house.
Wrapping presents, watching Christmas classics on TV and finishing up the cookie trays!

First you need lots of sprinkles, and doo-dads...

Then you need some gingerbread cookies, some sugar cookies.
Of course it is always more fun when there is little helpers...Sara,


and Rachel! My oldest daughter was working so she couldn't help and my 17 yr old son, well...he just likes to eat the cookies.  

Here are some of the sugar cookies we decorated.

some more

and still more-

ummmm, in my defense...I had to taste the gingerbread boy cookie before I put them on the trays (I LOVE GINGERBREAD COOKIES!!)   
I made enough cookies for 15 small trays and 4 large trays that were delivered to some of our friends and neighbors, DH's work, daughter's work and 2 schools. 

a close up of one of the small trays.

and this is how they got wrapped up before delivery. Each year the amount of trays keep growing as the word spreads about these trays. I have gone through over 50 lbs of flour this month with pierogi and cookie making...I love the holidays!

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