Friday, June 10, 2011


So it may seem that I am MIA (missing in action) lately. Not the case just been very busy, finishing up with the last of the graduation/wedding quilts that my customers have brought by, kids finishing up school for the summer, mother in law moving in/getting settled and the new neighborhood get togethers that seem to be happening every other week. It's amazing that anything is getting done, let alone the things that I want to get done (please disregaurd my little pitty party...just venting my frustration). Any ways I have manage to get a top pieced, a small wall hanging that starts with a panel...not quilted, just a flimsy but it was a UFO project so it is a step in the right direction. That makes 7-8 flimsies now...note to self need to quilt/bind these before the end of summer.     

This is the panel I started with, it's called Garden Song. 

And this is the quilt, I love the little flower block border..which ended up being the most time consuming part of the quilt. 
I hate sewing panel quilts because the panel is never printed on the fabric square and one corner is always whacky if you try to square things up so it hangs properly on the wall, if you don't then it looks horrible on the wall. For this reason I always swear that I won't do another panel quilt. Then one comes along that I just can't live without...[shrug] when willl I learn :0(

Any who it's done and onto the next BIG project! I say BIG because I joined a Dear Jane "Blue" BOM. For those that don't know this quilt, it's from the civil war era and has alot of 4 1/2" finished blocks in the center 1/2" sashing and a pieced triangle border, it finishes at roughly at 80" square and the BOM will take 2 years to complete (give or take, lol). My first month, set of 10 blocks came mid May and I only have finished 1 of them so far. Should be getting my second month blocks in 2 weeks :0(. Hopefully I will be able to get a few more blocks done this weekend. I won't post pics of them until I get all the 1st month blocks done..might take a while since I am doing 2 of these at the same time a Blue colorway which is the BOM and then a Kaffe Fassett colorway that I collected fabric for on my own.  

It wouldn't be so bad but I have been easily distracted since my MIL has moved in. I have been finding that "my" free time is no longer mine. she is a very social person and likes to chit chat all the time, even when I am not part of the conversation her voice is loud enough that it carries through out the house...easily distracting me from focusing on what I need to get done. I know that this is all part of the adjusting phase of having her move in with us, and hopefully it will all work itself out in time and that it won't be as distracting down the road. 

I have been getting use to my new PC, and I am able to find all my missing folders..well not really missing just from me ;0) and I am able to manage my website pages pretty well too. 

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