Thursday, May 5, 2011

My 2011 UFOs

I just love adding pics to my blog post, but don't have a quilty type pic for this post so I will fill in with random things instead.

So a few months back I thought I would be clever and pull out all my UFOs and take inventory of them and asign a deadline/month for which they would be completed this year. Well this plan was not what I would call a perfect plan because stuff happens and some months are busier than others etc.. In my defense though I only missed 1 UFO deadline and that was "Shell We Dance" from March, and it's not that I didn't complete any of my own quilts that month I just didn't do the one with the deadline attatched to it. So I decided that I am doing away with the month to month deadlines and just plow through as many as I can get done this year because anything is better than none! 

Now to fill you in on something that I have had under wraps for awhile now, it involves a 2 year BOM (that I will start in 2 weeks) and it will have quite a bit of applique on it. I will be doing a "Dear Jane, Blue" quilt from the Stichin Heaven and as if I was not crazy enough before... I will be after this is done because not only am I doing that one but I figure if I was going to do one why not 2 Dear Jane Quilts at the same time! Yup 2 of these quilts one in the blue colorway and one using Thimbleberries fabric in a rainbow/trip around the world layout simiular to the original quilt. See, told you CRAZY!!!! I will be documenting my Jane journey on a new blog that I set up just for it and will post a link to it when I start the BOM in a couple of weeks. Should be fun-   

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