Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How Long Should a PC Last?

Hmmmmm.....about 6 years give or take ;0)
For the past year my DH has been trying to convince me that we needed to replace my PC (desk top computer) that I use for my business. I kept putting him off because I really didn't want to spend $ on a computer, I would rather spend it on fabric, quilting gadgets & tools etc...but last Friday was the last straw, I was fed up with the wackiness that my old computer was doing. Whenever you would open up a window/website it would try to open multiple ones and say the server was not reachable...huh? DH thought perhaps that their was a virus but when he sifted through all of my stuff he found nothing, even Norton said my PC was free from a virus, there was nothing that we could find that would be causing such craziness. So On Friday after screaming UNCLE! I called DH at work and told him that he could replace my computer.

My new monitor is 22" where as my old one was only 17". I now have windows 7 operating system vs windows XP. I couldn't use frontpage any longer for my website since the new sytem doesn't soppurt the old software so DH is trying out other software (currently microsoft office share) that hopefully will do the same thing as frontpage did before (time will tell). I also have to get use to Live Mail vs outlook express. Also needed to update my microsoft office since my old version was no longer able to run with the new system....:0( It ended up costing more than what I wanted to spend, but it had to be done.

Why is it that tech stuff is so expensive and has a very short shelf life? No wonder why Bill Gates is as rich as he is.

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  1. i, too, am tetering close to a trip to BestBuy for a new PC....

    i've been putting it off cause i just learned my current PC's idoscrencies and i'm not looking forward to getting to know another :)