Monday, January 17, 2011

Let There Be Heat!

As most of you know we converted our one car garage into my quilt studio, by ourselves, because having a contractor do it was going to be too much money. With the help of our friends my DH was able to do the sub floor & lay the indoor/outdoor carpet. We decided to leave the garage door in place for better resale value later on. But did put in insulated panels on the garage door to help keep out the draft. One thing we didn't do however was to run the duct work into the studio. Didn't think we would need it. But after several weeks of very cold nights and several days in which it was too cold to work in my studio we decided to call on our good friend Ralph (who does this sort of thing for a living). Here are some pics from Saturday when they put it in.

This is the before pic

This is the hole in our ceiling they needed to access the other duct work which was in our office area
This is one end of the duct that is going into my studio...

and this is the other end.

This is my DH feeding the duct work to Ralph who is in the attic area of the garage.

This is a pic of the duct work after it has been connected to the rest of the house & fed through to my studio.

This is after my DH put back the drywall in my office ceiling, he still has to do the finishing of the texture and then paint it. 

Here's Ralph heading into the studio attic to cut the hole in my studio ceiling and to instal the register cover.

This is the piece that gets conected to the end of the duct and what is visible when the register is removed from the ceiling.

And finally here is the pic of my new register that will allow me to have heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer!  

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