Tuesday, November 30, 2010

All Moved In

This is my new quilt studio, at this angle no one would ever know that this once was a 1 car garage :0) I don't have any quilts up on the walls in the new studio yet, but I have several places to put some and will when I have a chance to make some new ones.

Ok so it's been a month since I last posted on my blog (oh BTW the Gecko Quilts website is down, we know about it and are in the process of fixing it...the servers that we have the website on didn't do so well in the move). 

And I would like to say that the whole move thing was uneventful but it wasn't. The closing went better than expected (we ended up having to come to the closing with less $ than we originally thought, and our monthly mortgage payment is also less than what we thought it would be.   
We got our keys on my birthday, and had a small pizza party in the new empty house to celebrate it.
The painters started painting the next day (Saturday) and were finished by Thursday. We were moving some things in ourselves while the painting was being done on the inside, in fact we (and when I say we I mean me and my oldest daughter) had moved most of the boxes ourselves before the movers even got to our house on Nov 13th. If I had to do it all over again I would wait and let the movers do it all. 
I wanted to have the whole house unpacked by Thanksgiving, because crazy us...lol, were hosting Thanksgiving for the whole family. This is where it goes bad...I pulled a muscle trying to unpack in time for the Holiday :0( I have been hobbling around this big house in pain for the past 2 weeks.

I was however feeling a little bit better today that I actually was able to quilt! I think that was just what the doctor ordered cause my mood has improved alot because I was able to do something, I 'm not able to do much housework yet though. 

My December is already booked with customer quilts that are in need of quilting before Christmas and January is starting to fill up as well. I can't believe that Christmas is 3 1/2 wks away! There is so much to do...like Christmas shopping,I have absolutely nothing bought yet, not 1 cookie baked for the cookie trays either :0( but at least we got the trees up!  



  1. glad you got all moved in and back to quilting...that always cheers me up too! nothing like longarming to bring out a smile!

  2. At least the tree is up!! Take a deep breath and keep quilting!!