Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New House Pic Update

My Sony Cyber Shot Digital Camera has been giving me alot of trouble lately (the battery cover has been broke for over a year now, it appears to happen alot with this model from what I have read on the web) so I wasn't able to take alot of pics with it. But I was able to replace it this past Thursday with Nikon coolpix and I am so happy with the new camera...just need to learn all that it can do. Anyways here are some updated pics of the new house, we are signing the papers for it on Nov, 1 and will get the keys on Nov 5, my birthday! :0)

They added the court yard wall & gate, light fixtures, & decorative wrought iron under one of the windows. They still need to put up some shutters, touch up paint, paint the court yard wall, front yard landscaping, and paint the fence.
The foyer light fixture, I won't show the foyer tile until they have finished it.
The kitchen light.

The black granite has a nice contrast with the toffee maple cabinets.
And here's part of the master bath.
There will be more pics over the next 2 weeks.

Oh, and I finally started packing....2 boxes of cookbooks. Actually it's still too early to really pack a lot of stuff. I know if I start packing now, I will need an item from one of the boxes the following day :0) This happened to me when we moved from Illinois to Arizona...I was completely packed 1 month prior to actual moving and every time I turned around I was digging through boxes looking for stuff and then repacking. So this time I will just pack the stuff once, lol!.

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