Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!!!

I hope everyone has a Happy & Blessed Easter.
I was very busy on Saturday, I made 2 aplle pies, a cheese cake, and pieced a small wall quilt. Then I blogged a bit, hung out with the kids and DH and we finally got around to hanging the gecko wall art  that I posted a couple of posts back.  Here is a pic of some of what I was up to....
One of the apple pies crust got a hole in it during baking but boy do they smell good. The quilt pattern was a free on-line pattern from the Moda Bake shop called "Flower Patch Quilt" It is 32" sq and only use 1 Moda layer cake and 1/4 yd of a cream tonal fabric. However if you decided to do this pattern there is a typo in the instructions. It says to cut your 10" sqs into 1 6" sq etc... but if you look at the pic they provided it should be a 5 1/2" sq, 4 1/2X10" rectangle and a 4 1/2X5 1/2" rectangle. Then everything else will fall into place like it suppose to be. I used the Moda "Gypsy Rose" layer cake. All of the fabrics I had in my stash and the cream tonal I used has enough of it so I can use it as a baking for the little quilt and there is enough fabric left over from the layer cake to do some applique in the center of the quilt and use the scraps for the binding.

The reason that I did this quilt was so I would have a small quilt to practice some custom on in a couple of weeks. In the past couple of years I haven't done any custom at all just the pantos for the customer quilts. So I am out of practice and need to PPP (practice, practice, practice) so I can improve in this area. I think the quilt challenges at the APQS forum has got me wanting to stop out of the box and expand my comfort zone a bit. If nothing else just to have a little fun.

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