Sunday, March 28, 2010


Can you believe Easter is next week? And you know what that means don't you? It means that summer is just around the corner and the kids will be home on summer break! It also means I better get to work on quilting the tree skirt that has been waiting to be quilted for the past 4 years and finish those Christmas stockings that I promised the kids I would finish before the next Christmas....

I am running out of time, lots of work to do on the stockings, did I mention that I need to do 7 stockings? Ok so part of my problem for not getting these finished is I wanted to do some custom on the tree skirt, just didn't know what to do, should I do crosshatching or McTavishing in the off white area behind the holly & berries. Then what to do in the red scallops? In the pics for the pattern they did a feathered swag, very nice but my free hand feathers are not the best so I think this is why I have been stumped. Maybe I could do something with a stencil (Mary Beth from APQS chat has gotten me thinking about stencils these days) so maybe that would be an option. Besides if I mess up, it's just thread, I can always ribbit, ribbit (go frogging).   

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