Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Customer Quilts/ Making Time to Quilt My Own

You can always tell when the snow birds come back to town, the phone rings constantly and my turn around time gets longer. This week I am taking in a dozen customer quilts and I am booked up through December now. I have 6 customer quilts scheduled to be done this week. It's Tuesday and I have 3 done and 3 more to do. I would like to get them all done by tomorrow so they can be picked up Friday or Monday next week. If I can stay on schedule I might be able to work on some of my own projects.

I get asked alot by my customers "Do you ever have time to do your own quilts?" Yes I do, sometimes it is hard to find time but if I don't try to squeeze time in for my own stuff I tend to get resentful. I look at quilting as a form of therapy, a stress release, a way to reconnect with my creativity and forget all the troubles in the world. I have always posted my personal quilts in the customer quilts and charity quilts sections on my gecko quilts website, but part of the changes/ updates that I have planned for 2010 for my website will be to have an area just for my quilts to be displayed.

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  1. Hi Joann...I love your new blog; come check out mine if you're so inclined. I do have a question for you; are you doing custom on these quilts? You get them done so quickly, it takes me an entire weekend usually! Happy Birthday!!