Monday, December 15, 2014

Grand Illusion Clue 2 & 3

It's been kinda crazy around here lately, with Christmas prep, The Grand Re-Opening of Gecko Quilts prep for January (more about that in another blog post), and of course Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt. I didn't link up last week, but I am this week so here are a few pics of where I am...

I did finish clue 2 just in time for the release of clue 3 last Friday. Here are all the units so far.

 Here is what is remaining of my fabrics after clue 2 was done. I originally started off using method #3 for the double diamonds unit (which is the way I always do this 1/2 unit which Bonnie has used before in her designs. But some of mine were coming out a bit wonky so I tried a different method (rectangles, and the 1/2 sq triangles with the dog ears cut off). Worked a lot better for me and even though I was not able to get the bonus triangles that I would have if using method 3, I did manage to get some scrap triangles for my crumb stash. 

 Here is my crumb stash, separated into two bins, one for neutrals and one for color. 
 What am I planning to do with these crumbs you might be wondering- well I am making the wild and goosey blocks Bonnie Hunter designed for her Quiltmaker Addicted to Scraps column.
 So with clue 2 behind me, here is my strips cut for clue 3 (the 2X4 units). I was able to get 10 units pieced on Friday. I really like the way these are turning the color combo.   
 This is all of the fabric I have left now...the pinks are all gone, my neutrals are all gone except for a strip or 2 very little green left, a little more of the I am thinking the renaming piecing of units will be with the yellow and the aquas. I will have the rest of clue 3 finished before Friday's release of clue 4...can't wait to see what is next! But in the mean time check out some of the progress that the others are making on the Grand Illusion mystery HERE 


  1. GIMQ looking good and love that you too are doing Wild and Goosey! I do the honk, honk check in on Quiltville's Open Studio every weekend and that keeps me moving forward on that one! :)

  2. Your MQ is coming along nicely. Have fun! :D

  3. Looks great. I love the crumb block also. :)