Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Crazy Year So Far

It's hard to believe that the year is half over already.
I have been a bad blogger, but it couldn't be helped, this year has been very crazy busy, with the sudden passing of my DH's brother, and taking care of his estate and all that it entails. Having it been the senior year of my 3rd child, Rachel and her graduating high school, and the twins very busy with every thing 14 year
olds do. 
 I have been busy working on memory quilts for my nieces & nephew using clothing that was their dads.

 This is Tommy's, his dad and he enjoyed cars especially the Dodge Viper. So it was only fitting that this block be the center of his quilt. 

 His quilt is done being pieced (it's a full sz).

 and a close up.

This is Kristin's, all of the blocks are finished, I just need to sew the blocks together for the center of the quilt then add the pieced border

 However, that is on break for now because my studio is a mess. I have a years worth of scraps and pieces that need cutting down into my scrap user system.

Also I have been making progress on my Celtic Solstice Jr. Quilt. All of the units are made for the small quilt and 1/2 the blocks are together. Need to finish this soon or it will be a new mystery tugging at my heart this fall.

So what's up with my business? We were having problems with the server to our website crashing all of the time. The server has been replaced however the software we were using for my website is old and decided not to let us update the website any longer (which is why there has been no updates to it since the first week of January). DH & I are trying to figure out if we want to redo the whole website using new software, or just stop using the website all together. It has been nice having the website and I know alot of you liked it as well but redoing a whole new one right now just doesn't fit into our limited time schedule. It would fall on to DH's shoulders and he already has way too much on his plate. Also I have decided that for now I am not taking on any new customers...I already have a substantial  customer base that keep coming back to Gecko Quilts and it is enough to keep me as busy as I want to be and still have time to take care of my family and tend to my own projects. 

We took our first family vacation in over 14 years! We went to San Diego after the kids got out of school. Boy did we need that vacation. More about the vacation in another post.  

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