Monday, August 26, 2013

My Perfect Sewing Set-Up

I have moved my sewing machine into my office area...much more comfortable to sew in the office than it was in the quilt studio I lovingly call my sweat shop, lol!  Here is a mini tutorial for a ironing station near your sewing machine, using an inexpensive TV table that I bought at Walmart for under $9.00.

I first  took a fat quarter that matched the colors of my Quilt Studio (even though I am currently sewing in the office) and pinked the edges to keep it from unraveling.
 Then I took 4 layers of scrap warm and natural batting 1 1/2" smaller than the fat quarter and centered it on 
top of the wrong side of the fat quarter.

 Place the TV Table upside down on top of the batting/fat quarter. While pulling the fat quarter edge over the edge of the TV table and to the underside of table use a stable gun to stable the fabric in place.
  See how we did the corners? place the staples about every 1/2"

 We used a stable gun that attaches to my air compressor (which I use to clean my long arm with instead of the canned air). This is much easier than using a traditional staple gun.
I purchased 2 of the TV tables from Walmart so I could have one on each side of my sewing machine...1 for pressing during block construction without having to have the bulky ironing board set up all of the time for smaller jobs. And the 2 one for trimming up blocks as I go. On this table I have a 12" sq. rotating cutting matt. Works out pretty well and keeps me from running back and forth so I can get more sewing done. Stay tuned for more updates as my office and my quilt studio evolve into my perfect creative space. 

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