Sunday, February 5, 2012

Carolina Christmas Mystery Part 4

Here is my progress for the mystery quilt, had this done for a week now just haven't had much time to post...hmmm, what would you do if you only had a few minutes here and there. Would you post to your blog, or would you use that time to sew? I decided to use that time to sew, lol hence why there is fewer posts from me these days ;0) anyways here is progress for part 4.

First I had to make red 1/2 sq triangle units, then pair them up to light 2 1/2" sqs.

Then sew the pairs into these cool 4 patch units.
Won't be long now before the blocks of this mystery quilt will be revealed and I am  finally beyond the 1/2 way mark for the steps. Only 3 more steps until my finished Carolina Christmas quilt top. :0)

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