Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

 It never fails that when it's the week of a holiday I get the urge to make something for that holiday. Maybe it has to do with the trying to make the place look more festive or just to get me in the mood or psyche for it. Anyways this past week was no different, so this is what I have been doing in between customers quilts.
This is a candy corn table runner I threw together in a day using 2 1/2" jelly strips and my accuquilt go 6 1/2" tumbler die.

Then a customer brought in a quilt that used a technique that starts out with a 4-patch block using 5" charm sqs. So of course I had to try it too, and since it being Halloween week I dug into my Halloween charm sq stash. 

Decided to do 5 color combos. and do 2 blocks of each. Sew your 4 patch blocks together. 

Then you will take your ruler and line up the 1 1/4" line along one of the center seams and cut.

 On both sides of the seam in both directions.

until you get this.

Repeat for all blocks and seperate the pieces like above.Makes it easier to work with later. 

Now piece the pieces back together, mixin up the different combos to get a scrappy look.  
Now you can add sashing, cornerstones, borders or whatever to make it into what you want. I am making mine into a table runner. I still have to piece the other 5 blocks together, sash those 5 then sew them together with the above row and add borders. 
Of course my 2 table runners won't actually be quilted or bound until next year, that's because I never get the urge to do a holiday theme project until last minute, lol! Oh well ya think I would learn to get started on them earlier...not! ;0) 

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