Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Spring Cleaning, 13 Years Long Over Do

After living in one house for 13 years you tend to accumulate alot of stuff, some things that you thought you lost years ago, suddenly are found. Other things you look at and think, "what the heck was I saving that for?" I think every 2 years we should all spring clean our houses
so when we move or when we die we or our loved ones aren't burden with this long and horrible task.  

I have slowly been going through my house purging things that have been collecting dust or have no longer a use to them, in hopes that when I pack up the house for our move in 8 weeks I will have less to pack and only take with us the things we actually use and need. In doing this comes distractions for instance a few weeks ago I was going through boxes of family photos, before the great invention of digital cameras we used cameras with film that needed to be developed and I always use to get 2 copies of every pic because it never failed someone would always ask if they could have a copy of a pic that I would show them...however not all pics were wanted so I had a huge 10 gallon tub of photos that needed to be gone through...what I thought would only take an hour or 2 turned into an all day event. Yes, with every picture I picked up I relived that moment in time and had to decide to keep or thrash that photo. Eventually I made it through and the pics were reduced by 2/3rds of the original amount! I also was able to  sort them into groups by children and by family. Now they are more manageable and each of my kids will be getting a box of photos from their lives t be stored in their own closets. 

This past Friday I tackled my 16 yr old sons room, I had no intentions of doing this (at least not that day, I wanted to sew some of my own stuff) but when I went in there to get his laundry I decided if I didn't purge his room that day I may never get a chance to do it in time before the move. 6 GARBAGE BAGS of clutter later, and yet another day gone his room is now ready to be packed up.

In my quest for spring cleaning/purging this past weekend I came across 4 old folding chairs, we bought to use as kitchen chairs in our first house 21 years ago, and in need of TLC. The frames were still in good shape but the fabric had seen better days and so I took them apart to recover them.

Here is the back of the chair after it was removed-

This is the empty frame with the seat and chair back removed.

I took off the old fabrics, and made a pattern from them.

I cut out the new fabric pieces, replaced the foam on the seats and the backs of the chair, because after 21 years they were falling apart. I used a staple gun to tack down the new fabric to the chair backs and seats, then reattatched them to their frames.

And here it is, good as new and will probably last another 20 years!
I plan on using thesse chairs for customer seating in my new office/studio.

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  1. You are so smart to do this...it will make your move easier. However, you're going to use the chairs in your new office?? I'm afraid that plain ol' fabric won't do! You must take that off immediately and quilt it!!! HaHa