Saturday, August 28, 2010

House Update

I know I haven't posted any new pics of the house lately. I have them, it's just that most of the changes that are happening now are mostly being done on the inside of the house, such as electricity, heating/cooling venting, recessed lighting, surround sound and insulation. 

This is what the front now looks like...styrofoam and chicken wire.

And here is one of the sides. Not much of a change to the outside of the house. Inside is where all of the action is happening right now.
Over the next 10 days they are suppose to hang the dry wall, tape, mud and texture it. Then they will stucco the outside of the house in a 2 part application, followed by hanging of all of the doors, inside and out. Then painting of the interior as well as the exterior will be done, roof nailed down, cabinets installed, flooring, blinds, appliances, landscapping, final walk through then closing.....all should be complete in 9 about weeks!

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