Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Never a Dull Moment-Huge News

I have not been a very good blogger lately, not because I don't have anything to say but because I have been sitting on some very HUGE news, and even though it is not a done deal yet (we still have the last of the 3 hurdles to over come) but I will share some things with you now because, well if I don't I think I will burst!

Ok we have been living in the same house for almost 13 years (will be 13 in Jan). When we had our twins 10 years ago our house became too small for our family but when we tried to sell it (about 7 years ago) to purchase a new larger house, our brother in-law (soon to be ex BIL) who was a realtor tried to steal our house from us. We kept him from doing that but in the process we lost the new house we were trying to build and decided to stay put because we couldn't trust anyone to list our house at that point. Then I started Gecko Quilts 5 years ago and well, lets just say we are now busting at the seams. About 2 1/2 weeks ago, after church we decided to drive by the house we lost 7 years ago because of the soon to be ex BIL, to try to finally put it behind us and move on. At first we had a hard time finding it, but eventually did...I was surprised  that I no longer had any attatchment or feelings to it. We noticed that there was still building going on in the area so we decided to look at the models...well this is the big news.......

We found a Spec House that we fell in love with!! It has 6 bedrooms, 4 1/2 baths, a loft, a 2 1/2 car garage and a seperate 1 car garge next to a den on the other side of the house (which could be turned into a quilt studio!). One of the bedrooms is on the first floor with it's own bath, would be perfect for my MIL who hates living alone ever since my FIL died 2 years ago.

Ok so here is where the hurdles come in... 
1)what to do with our current home? It would take too long to sell it in a bad ecconomy.
2)would my MIL even want to live with us and our 5 kids?
3)and would we be able to get a mortgage for the new house in the current home lending enviroment.

Well as I said before we have crossed 2 of the 3 hurdles...we don't have to sell because we are going to rent our current house to one of our BIL's (a great guy which we all love) who is going to use it to expand his business. Also my MIL has agreed to move in with us, loves the idea, loves the house and is deeply touched that one of her kids actually wants her and wants to take care of here in her old age. Now everything is hinging on the mortgage app, which we filed for today. Hopefully we will find out soon that it is a go...so I can start breathing again, I haven't gotten much sleep since June 13  :0)

I keep telling myself not to get my hopes up just in case this doesn't turn out the way we want. But have you ever wanted something, and you knew it would be perfect for all parties involed? I mean when we walked through the 1st spec house (I say first because the first one, which we actually walked through was ready to move in at the begining of Aug but was sold 2 days after we saw it, but lucky for us there was another spec house, same model but they didn't break ground yet and that will be able to close on at the begining of Nov., this is the one we are trying to get) everything about it just feels right...but if it is meant to be God will make sure that it all works out.

So now you know...this is a huge step for us and it means I will be packing and moving nearly 13 years of stuff, 5 kids, a DH, 2 dogs, a long arm business, and a MIL before the end of the year. I say BRING IT ON! I am more than ready, LOL!


  1. I'll keep toes and fingers crossed for you.....and lots of prayers too!

  2. I do hope you get your new home....the lord will look out for your best interest. Trish