Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Faster Than the Speed of Light-Reflection

Well my Liberty came back last week and is back up and running!
I am really loving the new edgerider wheels, no more drag, just smooth as silk. I have already started back to doing customer quilts after my month long vacation. All though it didn't seem that long, I mean I had a list of things I wanted to get done and only a small portion actually did :0(
I was able to paint the master bedroom but never got around to painting the master bath or the closet. I quilted 3 yards of fabric (prior to sending my machine off) so I could make covers for my serger and my sewing machine, this never got finished. I did make a professional tote and my oldest picked out fabrics/notions for hers, here it is....
The main fabric is the turquoise. But I haven't found time to make it for her yet, it needs to be done before she heads back to college in the fall.

I also didn't finish my french braid quilt for my bed yet, need to finish the center and then just add the borders so it can be quilted.

I did finish piecing the AccuquiltGo Tumbler quilt though, just need to squeeze it in between customer quilts to be quilted.

I didn't have time to organize my scraps, which I was hoping to do, or get some other projects finished. I just can't figure where all of my time went? Well scratch that some of it did go to reading 5 books, yes 5. They were the Percy Jackson series about greek mythology, two of my oldest daughters are reading them so I wanted to see what they were all about. They were good, the story line/plots were very simular to the Harry Poter books in that they were both about a boy about 12 that find they are very special (Harry a wizard and Percy a Halfblood or part greek god) they both go away to learn about their destinies (one a school and the other a summer camp) they both fight evil and with each book comes a new adventure that advances with their ages. However the Harry Potter series ended after 7 books, the Percy Jackson books have the potential to keep going, at least for now.

Also some time was spent going to BBQs, Confirmation parties and Blackhawk (hockey) parties, We have been invited to parties every weekend for the past month, some times even 2 per weekend. It's hard to get things done when time is not your own, plus with the kids home from school for the summer the first few weeks there is always some adjusting with time managing as well.

Oh I almost forgot, my copy of my EQ7 upgrade came yesterday!

At first glance there doesn't seem to be many changes to the basic program, the improvements are mostly with the digital pics you can now add to your quilt lay outs and more improvements to the advanced program, hmmmm I guess in order to feel like I got my moneys worth on this upgrade I will need to push myself to learn more of the EQ program than just the basic stuff, something that has been on my to do list for many years now. :0)  

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  1. Oooh- I want to see that tote when you are done! Post pictures!