Friday, March 19, 2010

Hello Weekend!

TGIF!!! This week has been a busy one, my twins (the babies) turned 10 on St. Patty's Day. They are growing up so fast, I swear it seems as if only yesterday they were born, & it was also spring break for my kids (even my oldest was home from college to work at her job she only has 2 days off, one was spent in Flagstaff with her friends playing in the snow, the other will be spent singing happy b-day to her sisters).

I did 7 quilts this week, would have had them all done on Wed. but took the day off to hang with the B-day girls. We hit the mall then DQ (Dairy Queen). Finished up the last of the weeks customer quilts on Thursday. Most of today was spent on drop offs/ pick up appointments. My work day started at 9:30 am and was non stop until 2:30 pm with back to back appointments. Next week I only have 5 customer quilts and about 4 the week after that. The snow birds are starting to go back home for the summer...which means more time for family and me time :0)

I also played around with the settings on my camera so they might take longer to load when clicked on at my website due to the larger file so when can get better detail/definition of the quilting. Also when time permits I might be taking more quilt pics outside because the quilts look so much better in natural light verses the in house lighting which tends to cast a yellow hue on the quilts :0(

Tonight I get to sew! yea!!! Tomorrow I will be working on a CL change quilt...ssshhh, it's a surprise ;0)

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